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Spanish Water Dog Rescue is organised and run by four people with extensive knowledge and understanding of the Spanish Water Dog as a breed. We are funded entirely through voluntary donations for which we all work tirelessly! We were established in 2005 in the knowledge that as the breed grew in popularity in this country the need for a comprehensive rescue organisation would be significant. Even now, with more dogs being bred and imported, it is still a breed that is little understood by the average pet owner, veterinary surgeon, groomer and boarding kennel owner in this country. The characteristics of the breed are explained and highlighted in About the breed and on the Spanish Water Dog Club website


The People

Between the four of us we cover a great many different abilities and work in harmony to provide whatever a dog needs to ensure it a happy future at any time. All four of us have owned and bred Spanish Water Dogs for many years and we are all trainers in one field or another: Jenny Johnson runs the Spanish Water Dog Club's Gundog Training Group and teaches in those classes; she has also taught Obedience and trains in Obedience and Rally O and Agility. Angi Hodges has trained and worked Search & Rescue Dogs, trains Rally Obedience and also teaches KCGCS classes. Lynne Walker trains Agility, Spanish Agility and Obedience and carries out some behavioural work. Di Williamson is a professional Behaviour Counsellor and Trainer and also teaches Water Training. She is also co-author of the definitive book on the Spanish Water Dog. Jenny and Di are also the owners and trainers of the first two Spanish Water Dogs to achieve their KC Working Gundog Certificates. Three of us have experience of dogs coming to the UK from Spain ourselves and six dogs that originated in Spain have passed through Rescue so, between us, we have considerable experience of the issues that are likely to arise with imported dogs. Between the four of us we can cover all the rehabilitation and training needs a rescue dog may present with. Whilst we do not profess to produce fully trained dogs for adoption (we feel that training your dog is part of the fun and cements your new relationship) we do address any behavioural difficulties a dog may come in with to make the rehoming process easier for both dog and adopter.

The Dogs

Dogs that come in for rehoming live with one of us, either within the home or, where that is not possible, in one of our own kennels. We always get to know the dog, assess it and, where necessary, rehabilitate it before offering it up for rehoming. Following rehoming we will always be prepared to assist with any behavioural problems that arise and also, if necessary, further training.

All dogs that come in to our care are vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered prior to rehoming if these have not already been carried out. If we do not know whether a bitch has been spayed or if the timing forces a delay we will pay for the operation to be carried out later by the adopters' vet. Any health issues are dealt with as necessary and any pre-existing chronic conditions will continue to be financially supported by us for the life of the dog.


  • To provide emotional and physical care for all Spanish Water Dogs whenever possible.
  • To educate the public with regard to the nature, needs and natural tendencies of the Spanish Water Dog.
  • To offer support, help and education to owners of Spanish Water Dogs to enable them to stay in their existing homes.
  • To offer support, help and education to those who have adopted a Spanish Water Dog.
  • To raise funds to meet Spanish Water Dogs' needs.
  • To endeavour to find forever homes for rescued and homeless Spanish Water Dogs.
  • To provide long term financial support for known, pre-existing conditions in dogs that we rehome.
  • To improve the physical and emotional welfare of any dog that enters one of our schemes.
  • To ensure the assessment criteria of the adopter(s) matches the needs of the dog(s).