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How to Adopt a Spanish Water Dog

If you think this is the type of dog you are looking for the first thing you should do is go and meet some. All of us in Rescue are happy to invite you into our homes to meet our own dogs as well as any that are looking for homes. Ring whichever one of us is the closest to you and come and see us.

The best way for us to know all about you, your family and your expectations of a rescue dog is for you to complete the Adoptive Home Application Form. Once we have that form on file we can assess whether or not a new dog is the right one for you. If we think that it might be we will invite you to meet the dog.


If the meeting between you and the dog is successful we will then arrange for someone to come to your home and carry out a 'homecheck'. This visit is simply to ensure that your home environment will be right for the particular dog that you are hoping to have.

Finally, if all is well, you will come to collect your new dog. This will take a couple of hours as there are forms to fill in and lots of things for you to learn about the dog. You will be asked to sign a contract promising to care for the dog and agreeing to return it to us if your circumstances change or if, for some other reason, the dog cannot remain with you. Any training methods or exercises will be demonstrated to you and if the dog has special needs these will be discussed with you at length.

Following adoption we will always be on call to help if needed. We would also love to receive news and photos from time to time so that your new friend can have his or her own page on our website.