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A very sad tale with a happy ending.

Barney came to us with his friend Harvey on 11th June 2014, after their family circumstances changed and the family were unable to keep them. Both dogs were born in Spain and came to the UK when the family returned home. Barney who was eight years old and Harvey was ten years old but Harvey had Addisons disease and unfortunately very ill so had to be put to sleep to save suffering. You can read about Harvey on his Rainbow Bridge page.

Unfortunately, Harvey's passing meant that Barney had lost not only his human family but also his lifelong best friend. Barney is also a great dog who is an absolute gentleman. Even when he was afraid of someone he never once showed any signs of aggression. Gradually he began to trust his foster carer who, it has to be admitted, fell head over heels in love with him! The silver lining for this boy is that he has gone back to Spain to live with an original family member and is also able to see the boys he loved and left behind when they visit their father. When they were all reunited it was a joy to behold the happiness in this fabulous dog and to realise that he was going to have a wonderful life with people he knows and loves.