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Brian had been purchased as a working gundog but his owner did not have the time to train him. The one thing he had learned to do in his original home was bark. And, boy, could he bark! Di, who cared for this dog during his stay, almost had a nervous breakdown, and so did her own dogs! However, he is a truly lovely dog in all other ways and has the most wonderful temperament. We were lucky to find him a home with a family who didn't care about the noise as they already had a Spanish Water Dog bitch who could match him, bark for bark!


Brian had never seen water till he came into Rescue and we had a very strange experience with him the first time he did. He went into the water willingly but, as there was a lot of plant cover, we are not sure that he was actually aware that it was water. He sank! He came back up before anyone could jump in to 'save' him but he just hung in the water, upright, with his front paws beside his ears looking blank, Whether he had his back feet on the bottom or was treading water we do not know but he did it again, three times, before we gave up and decided water was not for Brian!