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Charlie's history before he came into Rescue is explained on Henry's page. While both dogs were still together at Di's they were kennelled. However, when Henry went to his new home Charlie moved into the house with the rest of the pack. Charlie is a much more 'needy' dog than Henry and relishes human company so it was vital that we found him a home where someone was around a lot of the time. In July 2012 he was lucky enough to meet Vanessa and Barry who fell for his charms and offered him a place in their home. Apart from some separation issues he settled well but five weeks later Vanessa and Barry decided to get him a companion. He now lives with a lovely little terrier called Mr Fox and is very happy. He came to the Spanish Water Dog New Year Party with his new family and behaved beautifully, as we would expect of such a 'gentleman'. He still needs people more than other dogs but finds Mr Fox better company than Henry now they've got used to each other!