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Charlie 2


Charlie 2 (so-called because we have had another Charlie in the past) is a small, brown, five year old male who has recently been castrated. When he came into Rescue he had several health issues which have now been addressed. Although he has never bitten a child he can be quite bossy and has bitten an adult so he will not be rehomed with children. Details of why he has bitten will be given on request. He is not an aggressive dog, in fact he is a lovely little chap, but he can be quite insistent when he wants attention so his adoptive family will have to learn how to ignore any unruly or noisy behaviour correctly to get the best out of him. He learns very quickly and will make someone a wonderful companion. When he first came to us he was very frightened of his new environment and his new family will need to keep him on a lead or a long-line when taking him out as he has a tendency to run and hide initially. This dog cannot be 'spoiled' and needs clear leadership from his people but, at the same time, cannot be shouted at or manhandled in any way. Although Charlie is not destructive and does not need to be crated he does have a tendency to climb onto tables, desks etc so thought will need to be given to where he is left when he is home alone. He does not have any separation issues and travels really well. Whilst he is not aggressive towards other dogs he is very afraid of them so, for this reason, he needs to be the only dog (except possibly a calm, mature bitch who will not push him around) and would prefer to live in a rural environment.