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Coco is a four year old bitch in foster care. She is bossy and domineering but does have a slight fear factor probably due to lack of socialisation when very young. Coco requires a quiet, calm, fair leader. She does take exception to some dogs on walks, at vets etc. The main problem with Coco is that in situations that frighten her or that she cannot control she runs and hides. This means she can never be let off the lead unless in a totally secure environment. She is good on a flexi lead and has been exercised running by the side of a mobility scooter. She likes hunting around the garden which must be fully fenced. She does guard within the house and barks at strangers, noises and when she hears children. Coco readily goes into a cage, is quiet at night and easy to clip. She is getting better in the car not dribbling as much. She is a clever thief and loves destroying soft cuddly toys.

If you are a quiet household with no children under 14 years then maybe you could consider Coco as a companion. She would get on with another male dog as long as it is not boisterous or pushy.