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This little girl's owner was very sad and reluctant to part with her in March 2011 but was unable to take her for walks due to her 'severe aggression towards other dogs'. She is an amazing dog and her so-called 'aggression' was due to fear. She lived in Di's pack while a home was found and had no problem at all fitting in. In fact, Di wanted to keep her! However, in April that year, she went to live by the coast with a Labradoodle called Norman where she had her own boat and two human slaves. Clever girl!

Sadly, this was not to last. One of her owners passed away in October 2012 and although her other owner tried desperately to keep her she found it too difficult since Cookie's dog 'aggression' escalated once they were without her 'Dad'. She has now returned to us and is once again living in Di's pack quite peaceably while she waits for us to find her another perfect home. She has also, as you can see, no problem with this lovely Leonberger:

Pic Pic

Here she is again, on the right, with all of Di's dogs. Admittedly she's keeping a little to one side but she had only returned the day before and was feeling a bit 'Greta Garbo-ish'. In the middle of the front row is Pedro. Cookie has a fabulous coat when it is allowed to grow. Here she is, with eleven months growth, just before she was clipped:

Pic Pic

Update 13th March

Cookie is currently out on a trial period with a potential home.

Update 28th March

It has been confirmed that Cookie now has a permanent home - more information will follow

Update 2014


Cookie has now been with us for nearly a year and a half and has completed our pack perfectly (we already had two Spanish Water Dogs) and at home she will do anything for a quiet life where her house mates are concerned. She also allows family and friends' dogs to come and stay with us and goes out of her way to avoid any conflict! She was initially very noisy when we were out of the house and she reacted to the slightest noise from next door. I hasten to add we do not have noisy neighbours, and they were extremely understanding about the barking issue! To try and cure the problem we stopped crating her, she still barked! We tried an anti-bark spray collar, she barked through the spray!! We now leave the dogs shut in the opposite side of the house to next door, and leave a radio on to dampen any noise. She still grumbles a bit, but no full on barking!!! We live rurally and rarely meet other dogs on our walks, which suits Cookie as she can still be quite "sharp" if we meet other dogs while we are out and about. We are working on her anxieties, and we have reached the stage where it's all in the timing, if I assess and take control of a situation in time she will remain calm. We will continue to work with her to lessen her fear and improve her behaviour. We have started agility training, which seems to give her focus and will hopefully strengthen our bond. She tries hard to get it right and is really fast, although she is a little too independent at the moment!!! So watch this space maybe we will be able to compete one day.

Cookie now enjoys a new life with Chela