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This boy is probably the most challenging dog we have had to rehome so far. He came to us in February, 2011 and was emotionally disturbed and suffering from wet eczema. He had suffered such abuse during his puppyhood and teens, mainly on advice from his breeder, that he couldn't bear people to touch him. He desperately wanted to be friends with people but if they touched him he would bite. He also had some other health issues that required extensive veterinary investigation. We spent approximately £1500 on him all told.

Initially, he went to stay with Lynne who spent almost three months trying to gain his trust. He made huge steps forward but was still unsafe in certain situations so, for a while, we wondered if it would ever be possible to rehome him safely. Had it not been he would have stayed with Lynne. Fate, however, was kind and brought him the perfect home when he needed it most. In May Lynne had to go away for two weeks so needed a temporary foster home for him. Enter Sam and Dave! They came to visit Lynne and met Dante while they were there. It seems a bond was formed between Sam and Dante almost at once so they very kindly agreed to take him for the two weeks. Unbeknown to us (because they never told us until much, much later!!) Dante bit them many times in those first two weeks. However, when Lynne rang to arrange to collect him they offered him a permanent home. They have had many difficult times with him but have never given up and he is now a different dog. He is extremely happy and will allow people to touch him and stroke him as long as they don't take him by surprise. He lives like a king, has his own van and pool, and has been joined by Mocha.