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Fifi is five years old and is a neutered female. She has a fabulous temperament, loves people and is good with children. She came to us early in 2014, having spent all her life living in the garden because she wasn't allowed in the house. She was rehomed with a lovely couple who wanted a companion for their five year old male SWD, Willis. Following some early teething problems they seemed to have succeeded and Fifi was settling into her new home very well. Sadly, she suddenly decided she didn't want to live with Willis anymore and began attacking him and making his life a misery. He became very afraid of her so it was decided that the situation could not be allowed to continue. Her reaction to Willis is unusual and seems strange considering she has no problems with dogs in the outside world. Still, ours is not to reason why and not every match between two dogs is made in Heaven!


Fifi is quite a manipulative young lady and is seeking a home where she will receive clear leadership signals from her humans and where she can relax in the knowledge that she will remain the only dog.