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Havana was nine months old when she came to us in June 2012. She was born in Spain and brought to the UK by her previous owners when they came here to work. She had been reared on a farm in Spain and had received virtually no socialisation. As a result she lacked experience with people and other dogs. She could be quite wary of people she didn't know but came round quite quickly. Her previous owners were forced to part with her because they were in rented accommodation and the Landlord had complained because she barked at him and the neighbours.

Havana spent a month with Lynne where she learned to cope with the world around her. She is clever, quick to learn and extremely manipulative! She is a fabulous little girl and, as you can see from her letter, is thoroughly enjoying life with her new family.

My New Home


It's Havana here. My new family read your letter asking for news for the new website and I thought I'd update you on my new life;

I've been at my new home since July 2012. It's been great. I can't thank Lynne, Robin and Di enough. I have settled in brilliantly - my human family are so caring and loving. I have two new sisters, two Labradors. They're great. We run around loads in the local park. My family have a holiday home on the coast and during the summer we spent weekends at the coast. I love the water!! Can't wait for the Spring.

I've been doing training with both my humans (in the picture below), and am hoping to do agility this year with them. I have to say sometimes I'm a bit crazy! But hey, I'm a puppy and that's my excuse. (And I'm a Spanish!)

We all three travel everywhere in the car together. Here we are in the Lake District in the Summer with my family. Lulu is the black one, she's the Boss lady! Saffi is the brown one, she's crazier than ME !!!.

We have had this funny white stuff fall from the sky recently! My family say it's called snow. All I know is it tastes great! And it's great to play in.


All of you at SPANISH WATER DOG RESCUE do a fantastic job looking out for us all and taking care of us and also ensuring we are re-homed with great families. I wouldn't like to think where we would be without your care and support. I hope Pedro finds a new home soon with a family as great as mine. [Ed - He has, see his news]


Yours Sincerely,
HAVANA (DOB 19-09-2011)