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Jasper was our very first dog, back in 2003. He was on the receiving end of some abusive so-called 'training' methods as a baby resulting in a few quite severe behavioural issues and a serious lack of faith in humans. He had been in several homes and had developed some very strong compulsive behaviours, probably as a means of coping with stress. He could not settle either in house or kennel and constantly paced in various patterns. While in our care he responded very well to homoeopathic treatment for his obsessive 'pattern' pacing and gradually began to relax and make friends with people. Jasper had a very strong 'working drive' so we were very lucky to be able to place him with a wonderful family who trained him as a 'Flyball' dog, where he remains happily to this day.


Julie wrote recently to say:
“It's hard to believe that Jasper turned 9 years old in October 2012 and he's been here 6½ years! Jas has come a long way in that time although he still has the occasional worry about some people but once you are welcomed into the rather exclusive "Friends of Jasper Club" you are practically assaulted when he greets you! With the help of clicker training he has no problems with being clipped now, although he has tickly feet so can be a fidget when it comes to trimming them. He still competes at Flyball although we don't get to many tournaments these days as most of our time is taken up with Agility. Although I trained Jasper in Agility, he never really enjoyed it as much as Flyball as it didn't involve his beloved tennis balls! Although Jasper doesn't compete in Agility, he thoroughly enjoys tagging along to shows with my other dogs as he's a seasoned 'caravanner' now!”