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Koda is one of our saddest cases. He was born in Spain and lived there till he was about four years old. He was always a very nervous dog but then he fell in love with a gentleman out there on holiday. He came back to England with him and was really happy for the first time in his life. Sadly, a few months later, the man died and Koda was found with the body three days later. The man's daughter tried to care for Koda but it proved too difficult so he came to us. It took him a while to learn to enjoy human contact but he was always a lovely dog who would never bite, not even when he was really frightened.

When he arrived in Rescue he had a very long, matted coat which had not been clipped for almost two years and was beginning to fall out. When he was clipped an incredibly handsome dog emerged from underneath the mass of curls! When a dog is as fearful of people as Koda was we always sedate them for their first clip to avoid distressing the dog. We did this with Koda but his next clip was done in the normal way and he was no problem at all.


We gave a great deal of thought to the type of home Koda needed and were prepared to wait for as long as necessary to get it right. The perfect owners were a couple that were known to us, who already had a Spanish Water Dog called Tallulah. The problem was whether or not the time was right for them. While we were deliberating whether or not to ring them John rang us to ask about him! Spooky? Definitely, and the rest is history! Koda is now a very well known figure on the Spanish Water Dog circuit as well as in the area where he lives and socialises. Karen and John love him to bits, although he is very much Karen's dog and Tallulah is John's!


Something even more 'spooky' happened over these dogs' names. Karen and John had named Tallulah because the name means 'leaping water' in the Native American Choctaw language and they liked the connection with the breed's love of water. Koda was given his name as a puppy in Spain but when John looked for a meaning he found that in various Native American languages it means 'friend' or 'companion'. I guess these dogs were fated to end up together!!


Koda has definitely found his 'forever' home and it is a match made in Heaven.