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Lola, who has just come to us with her lifelong friend, Paco, is 4 years old and is a neutered female. She has always lived with him since they were pups so we are trying to find them a home where they can stay together. Lola has had a very happy life with caring owners who loved them but no longer have the time needed to keep them happy. Like Paco, Lola is extremely overweight and needs to lose about 6 or 7 kg. Lola's temperament is fantastic; she is extremely loving (if a little pushy when she wants attention!) and, like Paco, has lived successfully with very young children and a cat. She is afraid of other dogs as she was attacked quite badly when she was 6 months old. However, she is happy as long as she can avoid close contact with them and is not aggressive in any way. Taking these two dogs together would not present their new family with any problems as they are such lovely, easy dogs.


Lola has now been rehomed together with Paco.