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Marli (aka Callie)


Marli came to us from Spain where she was roaming the streets and getting food where she could. She was caught by a caring lady who had been putting food out for her. She then went into kennels at a Rescue centre where they clipped off her terribly matted coat and vaccinated and wormed her ready for transport to the UK. She arrived very stressed after such an ordeal, but soon settled into a routine. It was then noticed that she seemed to have some problems either with her hips or back, so after x rays and MRA scan it was found the problem was her lower back and might even have to be operated on. About this time she was offered a new home with Julia and Mike who even though she had this problem were willing to give her a home and plenty of rest to see if we could avoid an operation.

Marli has now been re-named Callie and is very happy in her new home, she is still doing only lead walking and did have a setback when one morning she couldn't get out of her bed, however with pain killers over the weekend she is now back on her feet and continuing her lead walking. We are still not sure if she will have to undergo surgery but we are giving it a few more weeks before we make any decision. In the meanwhile Callie is very happy and much loved, and I know she has the wonderful forever home she so deserves.