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Max is Mia's brother. He came to us, totally unsocialised and traumatised, in October 2005 when he was only eleven months old. Like Raffa he had been sold to people whose previous dog had been a Labrador and whose breeder had reared the puppies outside and failed to give sufficient information about the complexities of the Spanish Water Dog. He had bitten and was absolutely terrified of strangers. He was very happy with his family but he had been treated appallingly in boarding kennels and, when he went to the vets to be castrated, they said he was a 'dangerous dog' and brought him back to his owners on a catch-pole! He was with us for two weeks before anyone could touch him and it took a couple of months to gain his confidence sufficiently to put him up for adoption. However, when he finally came out of his shell he was utterly charming. He was found a home after three months in rehab at Di's and still lives happily with his devoted owners, Ann and David, who frequently update us about him. He travels periodically to his 'second home' in Portugal!