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Like her brother, Max, Mia did not have a good start in life. She did not receive adequate socialisation as a baby and her mother was extremely nervous of people, so set a very bad example. She stayed with her mother until she was two when friction between the bitches forced her breeder to part with Mia. When she came to us in February 2007 she was in season so this did create some problems with the dogs belonging to the volunteer who cared for her. The result of this was that her new people were asked to take her before all her issues had been addressed which caused them some serious difficulties early on. However, they would not give up on her!


Initially, she lived with Gully, a Foxhound (real name Gulliver) but a couple of years later they were joined by Reuben, a Spanish Water Dog puppy. All three lived happily together and very gradually Mia's behaviour began to improve. Recently the family have been joined by Sirius, an Irish Wolfhound puppy.


Mia is still wary of some people and can still be a 'little madam' at times but she lives happily with her family and their three other dogs.