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(Dogs name in Rescue: Nieve)


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Libby is almost three years old and was born in Spain. She came to us in January 2013 with Chela and Pedro and, like them, she was in such a filthy, matted state that we had to sedate her to clip her coat off to avoid causing pain, discomfort and stress. As you can see from the photos what we found under that coat was the most beautiful little dog who just looked 'lost'. She was very frightened and was reported to be an escape artist. She had in fact escaped from a garden when she was younger and lived wild through a hard, British winter until she was found and captured five months later.


It soon became apparent that, rather than wishing to escape, her problem was that she was afraid of being caught. Gradually she has begun to realise that people can be trusted and that everyone seems to love her!

She was offered a home by Alison and Phil and moved in with them and their 15 year-old Beagle, Bonnie, in March 2013. She is settling in remarkably quickly and seems very relaxed and happy already. Because of her history Alison and Phil realise that they have to be very patient and keep her on the lead for quite a long time so that she doesn't have chance to get lost before she has fully bonded with them. All the signs suggest this will not take too long but, just in case of an accident, Rescue has purchased a GPS Tracking Collar so that, if the worst did happen, we could find her again very quickly.