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Paco is one of our newest arrivals. He is a neutered male and is 4½ years old. He has always lived with Lola and we would prefer to find them a home together if possible. Paco has an amazing temperament. He is very friendly with people and has lived very successfully with a toddler and a baby. His owners loved him and Lola very much and have only parted with them due to pressures of work commitments. This has resulted in there being no time to look after the dogs as they would have liked and the dogs not receiving sufficient exercise. Paco is consequently extremely overweight and needs to lose about 9kg. Paco is not fond of other dogs but he would not be aggressive; he prefers to take avoiding action. He has lived with a cat and there was no problem. He has been quite well trained in the past and has received some gundog training. However, he may be a little rusty! His training will come back very quickly as he is so biddable. A truly lovely dog.



Paco has now been rehomed together with Lola.