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Pedro was ten months old when he came to us with Libby (aka Nieve) and Chela in January 2013. He was skeletally thin and weighed only 11.5kg. His preferred weight should have been between 15 and 16kg. Right from the start he won hearts, which was ironic as he himself was believed to have a heart murmur.


He was castrated, and clipped while still anaesthetised, as soon as we felt it was reasonable to do it. He was also tested for Leishmaniasis as his mother had spent time in Spain and he was conceived there. His body condition without a coat to hide it was pitiful but once people could see his face he learned to use his amazing eyes to win friends and influence people! He has such a wonderfully endearing expression and nature that he quickly became our 'poster boy'. His photograph now heads our fund raising campaigns and he has a range of treats named after him called 'Pedro's Promise'. There were two reasons for choosing this name; our promise to always look after Pedro and Pedro's promise to help other dogs in need.

We never re-home a dog with health issues until they have been fully investigated so Pedro was soon off to see a cardiologist to establish the severity of his heart condition. He was diagnosed with a hole in his heart but the prognosis is excellent and he should lead a long and full life. However, his Leishmaniasis test results came back as 'weak positive' and, since he has never left the country, it is likely that his mother has the disease. We are currently waiting to see if his mother and siblings are going to be tested.

During the month that Pedro was in our care he gained 2kg, probably the result of an effective worming regime and the right food for his breed.


Despite his health issues Pedro was offered a home by Sue and Ray and he now lives in the lap of luxury with his new best friend, Vida. Prior to meeting Pedro Vida had never played with a dog but she made him play with her on their first night together and they have never looked back since then. After just one month in his new home Pedro's weight has risen to 15.1kg so he's nearly there!


Everyone who meets Pedro falls in love with him and we hope that he will be attending some of our events so that more people can meet our wonderful little 'poster boy'!!