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Chispa (aka Pepa)


Chispa is a twelve month old, neutered bitch. She is a very lively, somewhat naughty girl who needs ongoing training and socialisation. Chispa is very affectionate, loves children and is very good with cats. She can be wary of strangers at first, when in her home environment but she is fine after a short time providing she is ignored until she relaxes. Chispa has never bitten or threatened to bite.

She is nervous of other dogs when out walking and will run away from them. She has recently had eye surgery on her left eye and currently needs regular check-ups. Chispa will pick anything up regardless of texture as she has been encouraged to do this since she was very young. Persuading her to hand it over sometimes requires a lot of patience. She will also open the washing machine/dryer and take the clothes out. Chispa is very playful and loves to learn new things. She responds extremely well to clicker training and learns fast. She loves to play with toys and will play quite happily by herself. Chispa suffered quite serious separation anxiety when she first came into rescue but this is now much improved and leaving her alone whilst we are out is no longer an issue. It is quite likely that Chispa will require surgery on her right eye at some point in the future so some quite intensive post-operative care will be required.

Chispa has now been offered a new home with a family and is settling in well. Her training is ongoing and she will hopefully be trying her paw at agility in the near future