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Poppy is nearly five years old and has recently been neutered. She is in Rescue due to her owners' ill-health. She has come from a home where she was very much loved and has been a show dog.

Poppy is a friendly girl but may take a little while to get used to people she doesn't know. She sometimes barks if unsure of people but soon gets over her concern. She can be quite manipulative (can't all Spanish?!!!) but is very easy to live with and would benefit from some further training to help her bond with her new family.

Poppy can be a bit 'pushy' with other dogs so would be best living with a confident male or on her own. Although she has no experience of living with children she has proved to be quite sociable with children since being in Rescue. We would, however, be cautious about homing her with children under five years of age.

Update - Rehomed

"The story of how a girl called Poppy became a part of the family"

After a cautious but cordial first meeting with Fuego it was decided by all that Poppy should travel to the frozen wastelands of the North - that's Yorkshire to any Southern jessies reading this! After a very quiet and peaceful journey Poppy arrived, as we all did, dog tired and slept the night through at her new home. Poppy was less quiet the next day, and barked more commands than a Regimental Sergeant Major. However we followed the good advice given by Di and Poppy continues to become more settled as time goes by. The relationship with Fuego is relaxed and improving by the day. She has met lots of new people on her walks and although she does have an occasional bark at people, she is steadily re-socialising in her new surroundings. She is always friendly with the family and is a mate with my 5 year old grandson Harry. Like most people who take a rescue dog, she is a bit of a work in progress and, although no one knows what the future holds, I'm as sure as I can be that Poppy is here for life.

Thanks to all at Rescue!

Craig & Michelle

Update - 2015

Poppy was never expected to stay white!

Update - 2016

Lovely picture sent in