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Riza is a Spanish Water Dog bitch who is eight years old. Her companion, for the last five years, is Becky, a six year old English Springer Spaniel. Both are neutered and are in excellent health. Both girls have excellent temperaments and are very well behaved with good recalls and good manners.


They have only come into Rescue because their owner's circumstances have changed and he was forced to part with them. He loved them very much and has always cared for them extremely well. Riza, like her brother, Max, and sister, Mia, had a very bad start in life. She was very timid as a young dog and it was to help her cope better with life that her owner got Becky when Riza was three years old. She has enjoyed life much more with a companion.

Riza is very friendly and is not a nervous dog but she lacks confidence without Becky around to support her. She was very distressed to lose her owner and it would break her heart again to lose Becky so soon afterwards. For this reason we want to do everything in our power to find them a home together. Can you help these two lovely ladies to find a place together to spend the rest of their days?



Becky is a very friendly girl but does not seem to be a typical Springer. Whilst she is a lively girl she doesn't display the usual 'wappy' behaviour often associated with Springer Spaniels. She is quite the lady, slender and feminine. Granted, her lead walking needs work quite possibly due to the fact that she hasn't spent much time on a lead and according to her previous owner walks quite happily at heel when required. He says Becky will run around and chase squirrels etc but comes back immediately when called.


Update 7/5/2013

Riza and Becky have now been rehomed