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Rocco came to us in October 2011 and although he is one of the nicest dogs we have ever had in Rescue he was also one of the most difficult to rehome! His character is faultless but he is 'driven' to work, cannot stand being left alone in the house and barks constantly for attention when someone is home. And we do mean constantly. He tried the patience and sanity of several Rescue Officers (and their neighbours) and failed his original placement with a gentleman who could take him to work with him because he barked whenever the poor man left the office. He also failed his second chance (with Marley) as he 'bullied' the old dog. He is now working as a 'sniffer' dog on explosives and is incredibly happy. And quiet! He needed to work and was not content in a normal home.


Please note that in the photo, which was taken during Rocco's early training, he had been clipped like an Irish Water Spaniel. This was a mistake and the groomer has now been shown how to clip him correctly!