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Rom is a 2½ year old black & white castrated male. He is a very sweet natured dog, sociable, affectionate, very well behaved and good with children. He has had excellent training and is extremely obedient. A very easy dog to live with but would probably take advantage of anyone tempted to spoil him. However, Rom has very strong prey drive and he will chase virtually anything that runs. He appears to have a fear of large black dogs, will chase them if they run and bite their back end. This is currently being addressed but the work will need to be ongoing. At present he is living with five other SWDs, mixing freely with them without any problems whatsoever. He is a very playful but active boy who needs a job of some description be it gundog, agility or similar. Whilst his off switch is in perfect working order, a couch potato he is not! Rom has been offered a home and will be going for a trial period to ensure he can get along with the two resident dogs and they with him. Fingers crossed for this lovely boy.

Update: We are please to say that Rom has now found a new loving home living with Dante and Mocha