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Why do we need short-term foster carers?

As more dogs come into Rescue it becomes increasingly difficult for the five of us to have the dogs living with us. We do not place dogs in boarding kennels and prefer them to live in a normal home environment unless that is not possible due to behavioural issues. Consequently we need a team of volunteers who feel able to offer certain dogs short-term placements while we assess them and until permanent homes can be found.

What is involved?

Generally, all that is involved is the day to day care of a dog, possibly some trips to your vet and sometimes post-operative care if the dog needs to be neutered. Some dogs may need to be socialised and teaching basic good manners is always a bonus! However, dogs with severe behavioural issues that require extensive rehabilitation would not be offered for fostering but would stay with one of us.


What happens if the dog just doesn't fit in?

If you take a dog into your home that, for whatever reason, does not fit in or causes problems for you, your family or your own dogs, one of us will take the dog back as soon as we possibly can. You will not be expected to care for a dog that is disrupting your life or the lives of your own dogs.

What will it cost me?

Nothing. All expenses will be covered by Rescue. Occasionally you may be reimbursed on production of a receipt if you have been forced to pay for something out of your own pocket.

How long will I have the dog for?

This is quite hard to answer as it will depend entirely on the individual dog and whether or not we have any potential adopters waiting. If we have to appeal for a home it can lengthen the time the dog is in our care. However, if you wish to foster for a pre-determined period this can be arranged beforehand.

What do I have to do?

Download the form, Application to become a Foster Carer, complete it and send it to Di Williamson. We will then contact you when we need your help.