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Ways to help

There are lots of ways you can get involved with Rescue and help to improve the lives of the dogs in our care:

  • Apply to become a short term foster carer.
  • Watch our page on Facebook and enter any competitions we put on. There will shortly be an 'online dog show' where you can enter photographs of your dog(s) for a small entry fee which will be payable through Paypal.
  • Consider setting up a standing order for a small monthly donation. Even £1 a month will help. Thirty such donations will feed a dog for a month or pay for a booster vaccination. Sixty will pay for a Leishmaniasis blood test. Standing Order Form
  • Come to our events so you can help while enjoying yourself.


  • Sponsor one of our rescue officers later in the year when she does something really scary to help raise funds!
  • Make or buy attractive items that we can sell, auction or offer as prizes. If you already have a craft-based business maybe you could come and have a stall at one of our events and offer a small percentage of your sales to Rescue.
  • Buy Pedro's Promise' treats for your dog through Facebook.
  • Come up with an amazing idea of your own and we'll put it on our website or Facebook page.